Jun 9 2006

Michael Klare on Iran, Fawaz Gerges on Journey of the Jihadist

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This week on CounterSpin: A new proposal to Iran from the US and five other nations seems to suggest the possibility of direct negotiations and has resulted in a more upbeat tone to a story that looked to be heading for crisis just a few weeks ago. What does the new proposal mean and how has it changed the tone of media coverage? We’ll talk to Professor Michael Klare or Hampshire College in Massachusetts.

Also on CounterSpin today: Media largely accept the White House’s framing of the war on terror and the battle against militant Islam. That often means the press entertains very little discussion about where that movement comes from, and where it might be headed. Fawaz Gerges of Sarah Lawrence College tries to provide some answers in his new book Journey of the Jihadist; he’ll join us to talk about that.


Journey of the Jihadist