Jul 26 2013

Michael Smallberg on Revolving Door Regulators, Keane Bhatt on This (Central) American Life

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reagan-monttThis week on CounterSpin: The news that a powerful federal regulator has left that job to join one of the entities he used to regulate is, well, unsurprising. What might surprise you is the notion that that time-tested “revolving door” actually improves regulatory enforcement? Yes, it sounds strange to us too. We’ll hear about that from Michael Smallberg of the Project On Government Oversight.

Also on the show: The popular public radio show This American Life has done recent reports on Guatemalan genocide in the 1980s, and on proposed charter cities in Honduras as an answer to the economic privation, chaos and violence in that country. But fundamental facts are missing from both reports. We’ll talk to Keane Bhatt, the Manufacturing Contempt blogger for NACLA, about what’s missing in This American Life‘s coverage of Central America.