Dec 18 2009

Michelle Chen on Copenhagen, Joe Conason on ACORN videos


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This week on CounterSpin: Walkouts and protests at the Copenhagen summit have highlighted the political friction in responding to climate change. But is the press corps that brings us headlines like the New York Times‘ “Poor and Emerging States Stall Climate Negotiations” the right place to look for an understanding of concerns about the inequality of climate change’s human impacts? We’ll get a different perspective from writer Michelle Chen, who’s been following the story.

Also on the show: An independent report on ACORN, commissioned by the group and authored by the former attorney general of Massachusetts, has some harsh criticism for the community group, but also finds that those secret videos taped in ACORN offices by conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute, were deceptively edited, a fact missed by virtually every media outlet. columnist Joe Conason joins us to talk about the ACORN report and the lessons it holds for journalists.


—”Shifting Climate, Moving People: Immigration and Climate Justice,” by Michelle Chen (RaceWire, 12/15/09)

—”ACORN videos were propaganda,” by Joe Conason (, 12/11/09)