Nov 5 2004

Miles Rapoport on voting rights, Dave Lindorff on Bush’s ‘bulge’

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This week on CounterSpin: Long lines of people waiting to vote, many giving up and going home; shortages of provisional ballots, registered voters who found their names weren’t on the rolls, last-minute polling site changes, and don’t forget those electronic voting machines. Despite big media’s desire to declare the 2004 general election over and essentially unproblematic, our guest says that many vital questions remain about the sanctity of the vote in this country. And the big question is, “Why can’t we get our elections systems right?” We’ll talk with Miles Rapoport, president of the public policy group Demos.

Also on the show: In a CounterSpin exclusive, journalist Dave Lindorff will join us with his scoop on how the New York Times killed a story about the device George Bush wore on his back during the presidential debates. The spiked story included compelling photographic and scientific evidence that would have contradicted Bush’s claim that the bulge on his back was just a matter of poor tailoring.


Higher Turnout Marred by System Failures, by Miles Rapoport (Demos, 11/3/04)

Was Bush Wired? Sure Looks Like It, by Dave Lindorff (Mother Jones, 10/30/03)