Dec 9 2005

Nancy Cauthen on economic ‘good news,’ James Bamford on Rendon Group

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This week on CounterSpin: The economy’s on the move, says the Bush White House; now somebody tell the people. Rather than ask why so much of the public seems not to share the administration’s good cheer, some media seem content to ponder how the White House can better make its case. We’ll hear from Nancy Cauthen of the National Center for Children in Poverty, about what the public understands about economics that the press corps evidently doesn’t.

Also this week: An explosive report in Rolling Stone magazine takes a look at the PR agency that helped sell the country—and the corporate media—on the Iraq War. We’ll talk to James Bamford about “The Man Who Sold the War,” his investigation into the shadowy and powerful Rendon Group.


National Center for Children in Poverty

The Man Who Sold the War by James Bamford (Rolling Stone, 11/17/05)