Dec 16 2005

Naomi Klein on torture, Eric Boehlert on Sami al-Arian

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This week on CounterSpin: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice traveled to Europe last week to talk about torture—but it was hard for the press to parse exactly what she was saying. Writer Naomi Klein will join us to talk about something else that’s missing from the current discussion of torture—namely, the history of US support for the practice around the world.

Also this week: The Bush Justice Department was embarrassed when a Florida jury acquitted Palestinian activist and academic Sami Al Arian of many key terrorism-related crimes, and deadlocked on remaining charges. But media figures who were invested in Al Arian’s supposed guilt should be embarrassed as well. We’ll talk to Rolling Stone contributing editor Eric Boehlert about the media and the Sami Al Arian saga.


“Never Before!” Our Amnesiac Torture Debate by Naomi Klein (The Nation, 12/8/05)