Mar 26 2004

Norman Solomon on 9/11 hearings & Richard Clarke, John Gorenfeld on Jack Kelley

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It’s been a bad week for the White House. In the midst of other brewing scandals, Richard Clarke, the former top Bush counter terrorism official, is charging the White House with inadequately responding to a real terror threat and taking the fight against terror off-track with the war on Iraq. Columnist and FAIR associate Norman Solomon will join CounterSpin to discuss his latest column, The Media Politics of 9/11.

Also on CounterSpin today, an investigation at a major daily newspaper found that one of its star correspondents filed numerous false stories. Sounds familiar, right? But it’s not the NY Times and Jayson Blair– it’s the story of James Kelley, a star reporter at USA Today. Freelance journalist John Gorenfeld will join the show to take a look at Kelley’s career, and how important his fabrications really were.


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