Apr 25 2008

Norman Solomon on Pentagon pundits, Sheldon Rampton on Earth Day greenwashing


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This week on CounterSpin: An April 20th New York Times investigation reveals a secret Pentagon propaganda program providing military pundits with talking points to repeat in media– in some cases even when “they suspected the information was false or inflated.” But could the Pentagon pull off such a program without a willing media? We’ll talk to “War Made Easy” author and FAIR associate Norman Solomon.

Also on CounterSpin today: Much of the media’s celebration of Earth Day involves giving space to corporations to tout their environmentally friendly practices in puff pieces and paid advertisements. Sheldon Rampton of the Center for Media & Democracy will join us to talk about corporate greenwashing on Earth Day—and every other day, for that matter.


Norman Solomon

This Earth Day, Let’s Scrape off the Greenwash, by Sheldon Rampton (PR Watch, 4/22/08)