Apr 10 2015

Sheila Carapico on Yemen, Malkia Cyril on Surveillance of Black America

Eye of Surveillance (Heath Hinegardner)

What should we look for in media coverage of the current Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen? Plus: When pushing for an alternative to “indiscriminate” data collection by the NSA, we should bear in mind who usually gets “targeted.”

Apr 03 2015

Jennifer Wagner on Indiana Law, Darnell Hunt on Race in Hollywood

Freedom Indiana: All Hoosiers Deserve Freedom From Discrimination

How can media cover the backlash against the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act just passed in Indiana without resorting to “some say, others differ”? Plus: The Hollywood press argues that white actors are now being discriminated against.

Mar 27 2015

Darcey O’Callaghan on Water Crisis, Natalia Abrams on Student Debt

Drinking fountain

Download MP3 This week on CounterSpin: March 22 was World Water Day, meant to call attention to the crisis in world water supply and sanitation that makes lack of access to clean water far and away the leading cause of death for children under 5. Headlines about “taking shorter showers” suggest mainstream media didn’t dive that deeply into the crisis’ environmental, economic or political context. We talk about water with Darcey O’Callaghan, International Policy Director at Food & Water Watch. Also on the show: You may have heard that the Class of 2014 is the most indebted ever, or that […]

Mar 20 2015

Alfredo Lopez on Venezuelan ‘Threat,’ Jeff Biggers on Mountaintop Removal

Venezuelans protest Obama's 'threat' declaration

Is Venezuela really a threat to the security of the United States, as the White House has declared? And after years of activism, are we about to see an end to one of the most damaging aspects of the coal industry–mountaintop removal?

Mar 13 2015

Deborah Vagins on Voting Rights, Justin Elliott on Red Cross

ACLU's Deborah Vagins promoting voting rights on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

We’ll talk about the fight over voting rights and black people’s access to basics of democracy–as an ongoing story, not just a historical one–with the ACLU’s Deborah Vagins. Plus: ProPublica’s Justin Elliott on the Red Cross’s secret disaster.

Mar 06 2015

Murtaza Hussain on Netanyahu Speech, Carlos Miller on Photographing Police

Netanyahu at the UN

Are media asking fundamental questions about what Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu actually said in his speech to Congress? Plus: The right of citizens to record police is embraced vehemently by those concerned about police abuses.

Feb 27 2015

Nazgol Ghandnoosh on Criminal Justice Racism, Stephanie Simon on Pearson

Pearson as Pacman

Eliminating racism in criminal justice is about more than what’s in a cop’s mind. Plus: How does a company like Pearson dominate the market for educational testing with little or no evidence that its products are effective?

Feb 20 2015

Marjorie Cohn on ISIS AUMF, Laura Flanders on Worker Co-Ops

Obama (image: NBC News)

Would an Authorization of Use of Military Force actually make attacks against ISIS legal? And are such attacks really the solution to the crisis? Plus we’ll discuss a different way of organizing work in our increasingly unequal society.