Jul 9 2004

Patrick Cockburn on Iraq handover, Meredith Fuchs on Freedom of Information Act

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This week on CounterSpin: the transfer of power ceremonies in Iraq happened ahead of schedule, filling the media with stories about sovereignty and a historic transfer of power in Iraq. But what– if anything– has changed? We’ll ask Patrick Cockburn, the foreign correspondent for the Independent newspaper who has been reporting recently from Iraq.

Also on the show: it’s the 38th anniversary of FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act, the law that allows reporters and others to pry information out of governments that may not want to disclose it. Is FOIA alive and well, or has the Bush administration got it on life support? We’ll hear from Meredith Fuchs of the National Security Archive.

The Cloak-and-Dagger Handover:
Bremer Leaves, His Puppets Remain, by Patrick Cockburn (CounterPunch.org, 6/29/04).
National Security Archive