Apr 25 2014

Rafael Correa on Communications Law, Laila Al-Arian on Bangladesh

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Rafael CorreaThis week on CounterSpin: A new communications law in Ecuador seeks to break up powerful media conglomerates, create new community and public media and promote diversity on the airwaves. To US critics, though, it’s really a way for left-leaning president Rafael Correa to silence his detractors. He’ll join us to talk about the law and the press in his country.

Also on CounterSpin today, top: At the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, a new film challenges US corporations’ accountability for workplace conditions at suppliers they always seem to claim not to know. “Made in Bangladesh,” from Al Jazeera America‘s Fault Lines series, recently won a Peabody Award. We’ll speak with its producer, author and journalist Laila Al-Arian of Al Jazeera English.


Photo: Anjali Kamat

–“Muzzling Critics—or Building Media Democracy?,” by Peter Hart (Extra!, 2/1/14)

–“Made in Bangladesh” (Fault Lines, 8/20/13)