Apr 30 2004

Rahul Mahajan on Fallujah, Greg Nojeim on Bush & PATRIOT Act

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The US campaign to win hearts and minds seems to have run into a snag in Fallujah, where the military attack and siege has cost hundreds of Iraqi civilians their lives. How important is the Fallujah story and how well has US journalism covered it? CounterSpin will talk to Journalist Rahul Mahajan of Empirenotes.org, he’s just returned from Iraq where he spent some time in besieged Fallujah.

Also this week: the Bush administration is making yet another attempt to sell the public on the Patriot Act. This time around it was George W. Bush himself doing the selling. But did the news media fail to point out the inaccuracies and deception in Bush’s pro-Patriot speeches? We’ll put that question to Greg Nojeim of the ACLU.
Report from Fallujah — Destroying a Town in Order to "Save" it, by Rahul Mahajan