Feb 11 2005

Richard Kogan on Bush’s budget, Melanie Sloan on network TV ad policies

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This week on CounterSpin: the Bush budget made headlines, as the White House pledged to cut the deficit by cutting spending on food stamps, low-income child care and the like. Media coverage of the budget is bound to only scratch the surface, so what else should we know about the White House’s fiscal policy? We’ll ask Richard Kogan, a Senior Fellow at the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities.

Also on the show: Remember when CBS ran that ad promoting Bush administration drug policy during the Super Bowl? And then remember when a couple of years later they said they couldn’t run an ad critical of Bush administration tax policy during the Super Bowl– because they just never ran advocacy ads? Viewers have long suspected a double standard at the networks about what ads they accept or reject. Now one group is calling for the networks to spell out their policy once and for all. We’ll hear from Melanie Sloan of the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.


Center on Budget & Policy Priorities:


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: