May 23 2008

Rob Richie on primary coverage, Forrest Hylton on FARC laptops


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This week on CounterSpin: Voting was almost over in Kentucky’s Democratic primary. CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer told viewers Hillary Clinton would soon find out if she was getting “another monster win,” though, apparently Barack Obama was expected to “claim he’s won a majority of the pledged delegates.” So… which matters more, the delegates or that “monster win”? If you’re following the election through day to day coverage like this, you might be genuinely confused. Our guest says the way media have approached this primary contest has been pretty seriously misleading about the way our electoral process actually works. We’ll hear from Rob Richie of the group FairVote on that story.

Also on CounterSpin today: After the Colombian military attacked left-wing FARC rebels on March 1, they made an unusual announcement: they had found computers that linked the FARC and Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. This supposed terror connection has proven irresistible to U.S. media, who by now jump at any opportunity to bash Chávez. But does the story they’re telling hold up? We’ll ask Forrest Hylton, author of Evil Hour in Colombia.



Evil Hour in Colombia, by Forrest Hylton