Apr 21 2006

Robert Dreyfuss on Dick Cheney, Patrick O’Connor on Israel-Palestine

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This week on CounterSpin: Dick Cheney and his staff are notoriously eccentric and obsessively secretive. This is why journalists have a hard time reporting on how Cheney exercises his extraordinary power within the Bush administration. However, freelance journalist Robert Dreyfuss reports on how Cheney’s office operates in the latest edition of American Prospect magazine. Dreyfuss will join us to talk about his article, “Vice Squad.”

Also this week: a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv turned media attention back to Israel and Palestine—and many of the same assumptions that plague media coverage on a routine basis were evident. We’ll talk about some of the broader tendencies with Patrick O’Connor from Palestine Media Watch.


Palestine Media Watch

Vice Squad, by Robert Dreyfuss (American Prospect, 5/06)