Jul 11 2008

Robert Dreyfuss on Obama’s foreign policy, Amanda Marcotte on ‘pregnancy pact’ story


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This week on CounterSpin: Barack Obama’s image as a harbinger of change has many hoping his election will bring change in foreign policy. He certainly differs from George Bush on the need for diplomacy. But what about issues such as the projection of American power and so-called humanitarian intervention? Does Obama’s thinking really represent a departure from, say, Bill Clinton’s views, or from the bipartisan thinking of the Cold War period? We’ll talk to journalist Robert Dreyfuss about his Nation magazine report, “Obama’s Evolving Foreign Policy.”

Also on CounterSpin today, a story that proved too good to be true—literally. High school girls in a small town in Massachusetts reportedly entered into a “pregnancy pact,” and soon enough media from around the world pounced. But some of the details—namely, whether there was ever such a pact—washed out upon closer examination. Should reporters have sensed this was a bit hard to believe in the first place? And what did the media frenzy tell us? We’ll speak with blogger and critic Amanda Marcotte.


Obama’s Evolving Foreign Policy, by Robert Dreyfuss (Nation, 7/1/08)

The Myth Of Pregnancy Pacts, by Amanda Marcotte (RH Reality Check, 7/7/08)