Oct 29 2004

Robert Jensen on Iraq explosives, Rob Perks on environmental coverage

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For several weeks there has been talk of a possible October surprise– a stunt engineered by the Bush team to win the election. But another story stole the spotlight– the NY Times and CBS broke the news of hundreds of tons of explosive materials in Iraq that apparently cannot be accounted for. The Bush team and their friends in the media pushed back hard, accusing the liberal media of trying to defeat Bush. What can we say about the story, and the media’s response to these charges? We’ll ask Robert Jensen, professor of journalism at the University of Texas.

Also on Counterspin: among the long list of issues that haven’t received sufficient media attention during the campaign– including, racism, unemployment, poverty and more – is the environment. But what is the reason for so little environmental coverage? Is it that the candidates aren’t raising the issue? If that’s the case, should journalists fill the void and raise environmental issues themselves? We’ll talk to Rob Perks, a media specialist at the National Resources Defense Council’s Action Fund about environmental coverage.