May 20 2005

Robert Jensen on Newsweek’s Quran Story, Karl Grossman on Weapons in Space

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This week on CounterSpin: The word is out: Newsweek committed a mortal journalistic sin by reporting that interrogators at Guantánamo desecrated a Quran, and the story resulted in deaths in Afghanistan. Well, that’s what the White House would like you to believe. We’ll talk to journalism professor Robert Jensen from the University of Texas at Austin with another view.

Also on the show: Not satisfied with an open-ended “war on terror” that spans the planet, the Bush White House now sets its sights on space. Investigative environmental reporter Karl Grossman has been trying to get journalists to pay attention to the weaponization of space for years now. We’ll hear what he has to say about this latest announcement.


Demonize, Disguise, Divert: Pinning the Blame on Newsweek, by Robert Jensen and Pat Youngblood (Counterpunch, 5/17/05)