Mar 20 2009

Robert Johnson on AIG bonuses, Laura Carlsen on Mexican drug wars


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This week on CounterSpin: The AIG executive bonuses account for less than one percent of the money taxpayers are turning over to the insurance giant in the largest of the corporate bailouts. But it’s the bonus story that has riveted the public attention and outrage. We’ll talk to Robert Johnson, formerly the managing director at Soros Funds Management and chief economist of the Senate Banking Committee, about AIG and the power of the bonuses story.

Also on the show: CNN has been telling viewers that “regardless of where you are in the country,” that’s this country, the war among Mexican drug cartels is a threat to you. How real is the recent round of scare stories about Mexico and the drug war, and what interests are served by it? We’ll hear from Laura Carlsen of the Americas Program of the Center for International Policy.


Drug War Doublespeak, by Laura Carlsen (Center for International Policy, 3/9/09)