Nov 16 2007

Robert Parry on ‘Why We Write,’ Karlos Schmieder on gentrification


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This week on CounterSpin: In the essay “Why We Write” journalist Robert Parry describes the need for an independent press to take on the mainstream media’s penchant for promoting false narratives and marginalizing dissent. Bob Parry broke some of the most important stories in the last thirty years, he’s the founder of the site, he’ll join us to talk about why he writes.

Also on the show: When corporate media talk about poor communities their story is pretty simple, these neighborhoods are a problem and gentrification is the solution. The story changes though if you actually value the opinions of those displaced. New research highlights these issues in Bay Area media. We’ll talk to Karlos Schmieder from Oakland-based Youth Media Council about their report.


Why We Write, by Robert Parry (Consortium News, 11/13/07)

Displacing the Dream (Youth Media Council, 10/07)