Jun 20 2014

Ross Caputi on Iraq, Brian Jones on Teacher Tenure

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ISIS-CSpinThis week on CounterSpin: According to US media, a brutal jihadi group known as ISIS has taken over large regions of Iraq in recent days. This has resulted in a parade of pundits discussing just how massive the US military response should be. We’ll talk with Ross Caputi, a former Marine who served in Iraq and is a now a leader in the reparations movement, about what is really going on there.

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CaliTeacherAlso this week: A judge in California takes aim at tenure for public school teachers, to the delight of education “‘reformers” and editorial pages. But are they right about what tenure means? And does any of this help students? We’ll talk to teacher, writer and activist Brian Jones.

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–“Unthinkable Thoughts in the Debate About ISIS in Iraq,” by Ross Caputi (Common Dreams, 6/15/14)

–“Job Protections Do Not Hurt Students,” by Brian Jones (New York Times Room for Debate, 6/12/14)