Sam Zia-Zarifi on Marla Ruzicka & Jeff Chester on CPB

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This week on CounterSpin: Marla Ruzicka, whose mission was documenting and securing compensation for civilian victims of U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, was honored in the U.S. press this week after she was killed by a car bomb in Baghdad. But will the same press corps that didn’t raise a peep when a military leader declared that the US army “don’t do body counts,” now honor Ruzicka’s work as well? We’ll talk with Sam Zia-Zarifi of Human Rights Watch, the group for whom Ruzicka prepared her last report.

Also on the show: There are big changes at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or CPB. Earlier this month, the president of the CPB appears to have been forced out and replaced by a more conservative overseer, and the CPB, which is suppose to shun politics, has hired two ombudsmen to monitor public broadcasting for objectivity and balance. We’ll talk about these changes with Jeff Chester, the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy.


Civilian War Victims Advocate Marla Ruzicka Mourned, (Human Rights Watch, 4/19/05)

Conservative Coup at CPB Brings Anti-Public-Interest-Oriented Ken Ferree to Agency’s Head (Center for Digital Democracy, 4/9/05)

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