Mar 21 2014

Sarah Jaffe on NY Charter Schools, Carla Murphy on FCC Diversity Study

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nydnThis week on CounterSpin: New York City tabloids are feeding happily off what’s been described as a “tug of war” between Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo over charter schools. But while you can learn something about political alliances and aspirations, what does this coverage teach you about charter schools? We’ll speak with Sarah Jaffe from In These Times about deciphering New York’s charter battle.

fcclogoAlso this week: Have you heard the one about how the White House was planning to send government monitors into newsrooms? It was a big story on the right, and the controversy killed the FCC’s study. But it wasn’t about government snooping; the point was to explore questions of media diversity and underserved communities. Carla Murphy of ColorLines will join us to explain.



–“The High Stakes of New York’s Heated Charter School Battle,” by Sarah Jaffe  (In These Times, 3/13/14)

–“Under Pressure, FCC Stops Asking Questions About Media Diversity,” by Carla Murphy (Colorlines, 3/14/14)