Jun 1 2012

Scott Horton on Obama’s “Kill List,” Yousaf Butt on Iran negotiations


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This week on CounterSpin: The New York Times story on how the White House chooses targets and executes assassinations provided a lot of new information, but it also left some pressing questions unanswered. We’ll be joined by Scott Horton, attorney and Harpers web columnist, to talk about the White House “kill list.”

Also on CounterSpin today, the talks over Iran’s nuclear program are getting the usual headlines: stalled negotiations, Iranian intransigence. But is that the right way to look at this story? Yousaf Butt wrote a column for the Christian Science Monitor that looks at the sanctions on Iran, which put the onus on Iran to do things that have nothing to do with a nuclear program. He’ll join us to explain.



–“Obama’s Kill List,” by Scott Horton (Harpers.org, 5/29/12

–“By Not Lifting Sanctions, West and Obama are Helping Iran Enrich Uranium,” by Yousaf Butt (Christian Science Monitor, 5/25/12)