Jul 29 2005

Scott Lipscomb on Iraq Body Count, Charlie Cray on ‘America’s Heartland’

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Today on CounterSpin: Counting the dead in Iraq. A new report from the group Iraq Body Count is perhaps the most exhaustive attempt to document the impact of the Iraq War on that country’s civilian population. So how has the press responded to this research? And how has the media’s willingness to talk about civilian deaths changed? We’ll ask assistant research Scott Lipscomb.

Also on the show: the producers are calling it a “Celebration of America’s Farmers,” but at least one critic calls a proposed new public TV series perhaps the latest attempt to sell Americans a pile of manure, and conceal the truth about how industrial agriculture is devastating rural communities. We’ll hear from Charlie Cray of the Center for Corporate Policy about what’s fueling protests around the new series, “America’s Heartland.”


Iraq Body Count

Center for Food Safety