Aug 19 2005

Simona Sharoni on Gaza Withdrawal, Myron Levin on Lawsuit Reporting

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This week on CounterSpin: The removal of Jewish settlers from their homes in Gaza is certainly a compelling human interest story. But reporting focusing only on the suffering and angst of settlers and other Israelis largely fails to include Palestinian views and the larger context in which the withdrawals are taking place. Simona Sharoni, University of Oregon professor and activist, will join us from Tel Aviv to talk about Gaza coverage.

Also on the show: Are frivolous lawsuits and jury awards to plaintiffs out of control? That’s what some business lobbyists and conservative politicians would like you to believe. Our guest says those groups get an assist, if not an intentional one, from misleading media coverage of the civil justice system. Myron Levin is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times.


Simona&Nadia: Living with Settlers: The Color Orange and the Limits of Empathy (8/17/05) by Simona Sharoni

L.A. Times: Coverage of Big Awards for Plaintiffs Helps Distort View of Legal System (8/15/05) by Myron Levin

L.A. Times: Legal Urban Legends Hold Sway (8/14/05) by Myron Levin