Oct 18 2013

Simone Campbell on Shutdown, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser on ‘Where Is Your Plan B?’

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nunsonthebusThis week on CounterSpin: The government shutdown may be over, but there’s no cause to celebrate for those hardest hit–-people already reeling from earlier austerity measures. Despite what you may have heard, the pain was not restricted to political “losers” and those turned away from monuments. We’ll hear from Sister Simone Campbell of the Catholic social justice lobby Network.

whereisyourplanbAlso on the show: Plan B is not an abortion drug, not medically controversial, and since it can be taken 72 hours after sex, it’s not even a “morning after” pill. A new project clears misconceptions around Plan B and tests whether it’s actually as accessible as the law intends. Jo Ellen Green Kaiser of the Media Consortium will talk about that.



Network: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Where Is Your Plan B?