Oct 12 2007

Stan Karp on No Child Left Behind, Aaron Swartz on Rachel Carson


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The White House is starting a drive to renew its No Child Left Behind law. While it’s politically safe nowadays to raise questions about any number of White House policies, for some reason No Child Left Behind manages to get a free ride from the media establishment. Why is that, and what would a critique of the law sound like? We’ll talk it over with Stan Karp, an editor at the magazine Rethinking Schools.

Also on the show today: Was environmentalist Rachel Carson a mass murderer? That alarming claim is actually being made by a coterie of individuals and groups, who say that Carson’s effort to ban the pesticide DDT is now killing African people. It’s a tidy anti-environmental argument; what’s behind it? We’ll talk with writer Aaron Swartz, who looked into the story for FAIR’s magazine, Extra!.


Rethinking Schools

Aaron Swartz

Rachel Carson, Mass Murderer?, by Aaron Swartz (Extra!, 9-10/07)