Jul 6 2012

Steffie Woolhandler on ACA & single payer, Aziz Huq on Roberts decision

This week on CounterSpin: Now that Obamacare has largely been upheld by the Supreme Court, barring its political defeat, it will be fully implemented over the next couple of years. What can Americans expect? How will they be served? And how well have they been served by a media discussion that focused mostly on the one monetary aspect of the program, the individual mandate, at the expense of what healthcare will look like under the plan? We’ll talk with Dr. Steffie Woolhandler of the Physicians for a National Health Program about that.

Also on CounterSpin today, Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts has been celebrated for crafting a Supreme Court decision that runs right down the middle; striking down the mandate as conservatives wanted, but preserving it—and thus the Affordable Care Act– to the delight of liberals. But does the Roberts decision give the right some powerful legal tools that can be used down the road? University of Chicago law professor Aziz Huq thinks so. He joins us to talk about it.


Physicians for a National Health Program

–“In the Healthcare Decision, a Hidden Threat?” by Aziz Huq (The Nation, 6/29/12)