Sep 17 2004

Stephen F. Cohen on Russia, Danielle Worthy on voting rights and the black press

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This week on CounterSpin: The recent retreat from democratic institutions announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin after the school massacres in Beslan, has occasioned much criticism of Putin in the US press. CounterSpin is joined by Stephen F. Cohen, an NYU professor of Russian studies, who says US coverage often lacks depth and context.

And after the debacle in Florida in 2000, you may have had the impression that voting rights would be a big story this time around. But there are plenty of important developments that are being largely ignored by the mainstream media. Danielle Worthy of the Pacific News Service will join the show to talk about those stories, and where you are reading about them.

Black Media Warns Sequel To 2000 Vote Fiasco Looms In Florida, by Danielle Worthy (Pacific News Service, 9/9/04)