Oct 26 2012

Stephen Zunes on foreign policy debate; Yifat Susskind on Iraq War’s toxic legacy

The final presidential debate, addressing international issues, managed to promote several falsehood about U.S. foreign policy. No, the Iranian president never said he wanted Israel “wiped off the map,” and the U.S. did not treat South Africa’s racist apartheid rulers badly. It also ignored huge regions of the planet. In other words, the debate was not out of step with the way the media and the candidates have treated foreign policy throughout the campaign. We’ll talk to Stephen Zunes, professor of politics at the University of San Francisco, about foreign affairs and the campaign.

Also on CounterSpin today: The toxic legacy of the Iraq War. New research, largely unreported in U.S. media, shows alarming levels of toxic lead, heavy metals and a massive increase in birth defects in the city of Fallujah, the site of two major offensives by the U.S. military. This news is shocking but sadly not surprising to those who have been tracking the public health effects of the war. We’ll talk to Yifat Susskind of the human rights group MADRE about this story, what we know, and what Iraqis are doing.


  • “Obama, Romney and the Foreign Policy Debate,” by Stephen Zunes (Foreign Policy in Focus, 10/23/12)
  • “Cancer and Chemical Weapons” (myMadre, 10/23/12)