Feb 16 2007

Steve Rendall on Air America, Jeremy Weir Alderson on Homelessness Marathon


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This week on CounterSpin: When liberal talk radio network Air America is in the news these days, it’s likely something about the departure of their top host or their brush with bankruptcy. Bringing left-leaning talk to the right-dominated world of talk radio was certainly a bold idea, so what should we be learning from the Air America experiment? And does it tell us anything about the future of progressive talk? We’ll talk about it with FAIR’s senior analyst and CounterSpin‘s very own Steve Rendall.

Also on the show: On February 20 and 21 radio listeners around the country will have an opportunity to hear from part of the population virtually never heard from, in any real way, in corporate media: homeless people. The Annual Homelessness Marathon is a radio project that’s been going for 10 years now; we’ll talk about Marathon and its purpose with founder Jeremy Weir Alderson.


The Annual Homelessness Marathon