Feb 8 2008

Tavia Nyong’o on Kenya, Trudy Lieberman on health care policy


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This week on CounterSpin: A rigged election in Kenya at the end of December plunged the country into chaos and violence—offering U.S. media consumers a familiar view of the continent, but explaining very little about the roots of the crisis. NYU professor and Kenya Comment blogger Tavia Nyong’o will join us to talk about that.

Also on the show: The press corps had a chance to use a strategy story to talk about a real issue, with the recent back and forth between the Obama and Clinton campaigns about a mailer on health care policy. But our guest says most took a pass, leaving voters no better informed than before. We’ll hear from journalist and author Trudy Lieberman on what media might have done with “Harry and Louise.”


Kenya Comment

Harry and Louise Redux? The Media Miss the Point, by Trudy Lieberman (CJR.org)