Aug 2 2013

Trevor Timm on Bradley Manning, Darwin BondGraham on Detroit

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ABC-Manning-courtThis week on CounterSpin: The verdict in the trial of Bradley Manning came in—and so much of the corporate media finally covered the trial. Manning was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, which was taken as good news. But what else should concern press freedom advocates? We’ll speak with Trevor Tim of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

TIME-detroitAlso on CounterSpin today, Over the express disapproval of the city’s residents, Michigan’s Republican governor has appointed an emergency manager to run the city of Detroit, with the power to declare bankruptcy and void union contracts. Some present it as a way to ‘save’ Detroit from an economic crisis; where others see an anti-democratic maneuver to favor Detroit’s creditors over its workers, both active and retired. We’ll hear from sociologist and journalist Darwin BondGraham about that.


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