Sep 27 2013

Trudy Lieberman on Obamacare, David Swanson on Obama’s UN speech

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FireShot Screen Capture #618 - 'Still clueless over Obamacare_ Dr_ Nancy Snyderman answers your questions - NBC News_com' - www_nbcnews_com_health_still-clueless-over-obamacare-dr-nancy-snydeThis week on CounterSpin: The centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act will launch October 1st, but do the millions of Americans who qualify for the insurance exchanges have any idea what they’re facing? If they do, that’s little thanks to media, who until lately have been underserving the consumer angle on this consumer story. We’ll hear from health care journalist Trudy Lieberman of the Columbia Journalism Review.

obama-unAlso on the program: To many in the corporate media, Barack Obama’s UN General Assembly speech signaled a retreat from militarism. This interpretation seems largely based on Obama’s softer, more diplomatic tone regarding US-Iran relations. But was diplomacy the gist of the president’s UN speech? We’ll talk to peace activist and author David Swanson about that.