May 5 2006

Tyson Slocum on gas prices, Charlie Savage on Bush’s signing statements

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This week on CounterSpin: Even if you don’t drive much or at all, crude oil at $70 a barrel means higher prices on things like home heating, plastics, jet fuel. Increased transportation costs and increased costs to consumers. Like some Congressmembers, media outlets appear to be in high dudgeon about gas prices, but do their explanations for the situation make sense? We’ll hear from Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program.

Also on the show: Since taking office in 2001 George Bush has been defying Congress and the constitution by quietly issuing “signing statements” after signing bills. In these statements Bush spells out provisions in the bills that he will not honor. We’ll speak to the Boston Globe‘s Charlie Savage whose reporting, with little help from other journalists, has resulted in congressional hearings into the practice.


Public Citizen’s Energy Program

Bush Challenges Hundreds of Laws, by Charlie Savage (Boston Glove, 4/30/06)