Jun 20 2008

Tyson Slocum on offshore drilling, Matthew Lasar on the Red Lion decision


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This week on CounterSpin: John McCain says the ban on oil drilling of the U.S. coast should be lifted, to increase oil production and lower prices. Drilling opponents say the drilling won’t lower prices and will endanger environments. Who’s right? Mainstream reporting is little help, rarely offering more than to say that the story is about a “trade-off” between energy and environmental costs. We’ll talk to Tyson Slocum, the director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, about the price of oil.

Also on the show: The case Fox vs. FCC that the Supreme Court will hear next fall has so far received next to no media attention. That may change as more people come to realize that the impact of the ruling could stretch far beyond Fox, to the question of whether broadcasters should have any public interest obligations whatsoever. We’ll hear from author and FCC expert Matthew Lasar about what’s potentially at stake in this case.


— Public Citizen’s Energy Program

Interest Groups to FCC: ‘Save the Red Lion!’, by Matthew Lasar (Ars Technica, 6/15/08)