Aug 15 2014

Vijay Prashad on IS and Iraq, Emira Woods on Africa Summit

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isis-nbcThis week on CounterSpin: With the Islamic State, or IS, occupying large swathes of Iraq and Syria, a common refrain from politicians and pundits is to suggest that the group would not be a menace had the US intervened earlier and more deeply in the Syrian civil war. Author and professor Vijay Prashad will join us to address that canard and other misconceptions about Iraq, the US and the Islamic State.

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Also on the show: The recent summit of African leaders in Washington, DC, was criticized by some for soft-pedaling human rights issues, but that only meant in African nations; media seemed to have no question at all about the beneficent goals of the policy of increased “investment” on the continent by US corporations. We have some questions; we’ll ask them of Emira Woods of ThoughtWorks and the Institute for Policy Studies.

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–“Metastasis of the Islamic State,” by Vijay Prashad (Hindu, 8/11/14)

Institute for Policy Studies