Aug 12 2005

Wenonah Hauter on Energy Bill, Anthony Riddle on Public Access

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This week on CounterSpin: It was four years in the making, but is the recently passed energy bill worth the wait? Most of the media coverage seemed to split the difference between the good and the not-so-good, but what else should we know? Wenonah Hauter of Public Citizen will join us with her take.

Also on the program: if you’re only looking at the country’s major media, you likely know nothing at all about bills currently before Congress that would allow cable companies to offload those pesky public access requirements that are supposed to part of their lucrative franchise agreements. We’ll hear more about this latest attempt by corporate media to profit from the public while shutting them out from Anthony Riddle, executive director of the Alliance for Community Media.


Public Citizen

Alliance for Community Media