Sep 2 2005

Will Bunch on Hurricane Katrina and Christopher Martin on Northwest Strike

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This week on CounterSpin: The devastation from Hurricane Katrina has dominated the mainstream media, and will likely to continue to be the top story for weeks to come. In a time of such utter calamity, though, is there room for the media to ask if at least some of this devastation could have been prevented? Philadelphia Daily News reporter Will Bunch will join us later to talk about how many–including some in the media– were warning that federal spending cuts would spell disaster for New Orleans.

Also this week: Coverage of the strike by workers at Northwest Airlines is plagued by the same faults that accompany labor coverage in general. That is, corporate media favor the corporate management while cloaking those interests in a false populist concern for how a strike will impact consumers. We’ll be joined by Christopher Martin, a professor of journalism at Miami University in Ohio, to discuss coverage of the Northwest Airline strike.


Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? ‘Times-Picayune‘ Had Repeatedly Raised Federal Spending Issues, by Will Bunch (Editor & Publisher, 8/31/05)