Aug 6 2004

Zachary Roth on Democratic Convention, Kim Crenshaw on Al Sharpton

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This week on CounterSpin: The Democratic convention has come and gone. The broadcast networks were practically dragged kicking and screaming to Boston, offering up a paltry 3 hours of prime-time coverage and complaining all the while about the lack of “real news.” What were the major themes in the media coverage from Boston, and did the media storylines overshadow the convention itself? CounterSpin will talk it over with Zachary Roth of the website Campaign, a project of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Also on the show: Those watching the Democratic convention seemed perhaps most enthused and excited by the speech by former presidential candidate Al Sharpton — those, that is, who weren’t members of the elite press corps. There Sharpton came in for a drubbing with a vitriol that was quite remarkable. What accounts for media’s extreme and obvious discomfort? And what issues in his speech might reporters have engaged had they been of a mind to do so? CounterSpin will hear from Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, law professor at Columbia and UCLA, about that story.


CJR Campaign Desk

Sharpton Sharpens the Challenge with an Overtime Victory, by Kimberle Williams Crenshaw (, 7/30/04).