Jun 4 2004

Zeynep Toufe on Iraq ‘sovereignty,’ Steve Rendall on NPR study

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This week on CounterSpin: Some journalists are beginning to challenge George Bush on his claim that Iraq will have “complete and full sovereignty” come June 30th. Bush’s claim is false, but our guest says, more than that, the US-drafted Iraq resolution before the UN Security Council could mean perpetual occupation. We’ll talk to Zeynep Toufe, who writes the new blog, underthesamesun.org.

Also on the show: The story that National Public Radio is a bastion of liberalism is a staple for conservative pundits. The old line was revived recently with the launch of the new avowedly liberal network Air America. We don’t need a new outlet for liberal voices, we heard, because, as Andrew Sullivan put it on the Chris Matthews show, “I have three letters for you, NPR.” But what does NPR actually sound like? We’ll talk with CounterSpin’s own Steve Rendall, coauthor of a new study of the public radio network.

The New Draft UN Resolution Allows for Perpetual Occupation, by Zeynep Toufe (CounterPunch, 5/26/04)
How Public is Public Radio?: A study of NPR’s guest list, by Steve Rendall & Daniel Butterworth (Extra!, 5-6/04)