Extra! February 2002

    Indirect From the Battlefield

    EXTRA! Update NEW YORK CITY—If the first casualty of war is the truth, any dispatch from Afghanistan was likely to slay it in its very first word. The dateline says: We are there, we saw it happen. But they weren’t. They didn’t. Poor Geraldo Rivera got slugged for pretending otherwise. A crossover from MSNBC to Fox News in the rating wars, he was on his first combat mission for Rupert Murdoch (Extra!, 1-2/02). He let it be known that he was armed to the teeth, or at least to the ankle holster, raring to track the enemy into his cave. …

Articles in the print edition

“Calm” Violence, “Quiet” Killing: NPR’s Middle East myopia

by Jim Naureckas

New York Times Buries Story of Airstrikes on Civilians

by Rachel Coen