Extra! July/August 1991

    Time’s Nuclear Non-Choice

    Time magazine’s April 29 cover story asked the question: “Nuclear Power: Do We Have a Choice?”–and answered it in the negative. Time mirrored the arguments of the nuclear industry and nuclear enthusiasts in the Bush administration–without investigating their validity. For instance, Time cited an April report by the  National Academy of Sciences on the greenhouse effect, also ballyhooed by nuclear proponents. “The National Academy of Sciences called this month for the swift development of a new generation of nuclear plants to help fight the greenhouse gas effect,” trumpeted Time. “Some of the adjectives don’t seem to be there–such as the …

    Media Miss the Disability Rights Issue

    Two thousand people gathered on the South Lawn of the White House on July 26, 1990, for the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was the largest gathering ever of journalists for a disability story, most of whose reporting ignored the fact pointed out by a lonely Associated Press dispatch a few days earlier: that the White House itself lacks the accessible restrooms mandated by the act. Instead, most of the stories had the “gee whiz” tone common to articles on not readily understood issues: “In a ceremony attended by the deaf and blind, paraplegics and a woman …


    Budget out of control, banks going bust, states and cities going broke, children going hungry — who’s to blame? For major media, no problem. It’s elderly Americans. In their drive to punish gray hair, big media give no quarter. There is no trial, no defense. “Elderly, Affluent — and Selfish”, snarls a typical op-ed in the New York Times (10/10/89). “The 800-Pound Gorilla Vs. the Hungry Baby”, growls a Washington Post column (10/22/90), referring to the invisible geezer lobby as an ape. Time magazine (11/26/90) says the country could work its way out of the hole it’s in “by spending …

Articles in the print edition

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Non-profit commercials are selling the status quo
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Re-PUBLIC-an Service Announcements

In Daily News Strike’s Aftermath…Journalists Become Labor Activists
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Media Grind Axes Over Gandhi Killing
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Racial Bias? Good News!

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by Sam Husseini

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