Extra! March/April 1991

    Rape Coverage

    Rape, and in particular acquaintance rape, has become something of a human interest story-of-choice for mainstream newspaper editors recently. But more coverage has usually not meant better. When five St. John’s University students were charged in the rape of a fellow student last spring, the New York Daily News went out of its way to present the assailants as more than just nice guys. “To Friends, a Fab 4” was the headline on one story (5/11/90) that quoted the men’s lacrosse coach as saying, “They are the types to give something back to the community.” It isn’t just tabloids that …

Articles in the print edition

The Representation of Women in the News Media
by Susan J. Douglas

Abortion Coverage Leaves Women Out of the Picture
by Tiffany Devitt

Lesbian Invisibility in the Media
by Karin Schwartz

Smoking as Liberation
The tobacco industry targets women
by Jean Kilbourne

Pro-Smoking Censorship in Women’s Magazines
by Wellness Letter

All the Women Fit to Print
A day in the life of the New York Times
by Laura Fraser

“Like a Kick in the Stomach”

Gender Bias in Televised Sports
by Margaret Carlisle Duncan

Teen Magazines: Selling Lip Gloss, Sex and Anorexia
by Elizabeth Larsen

Newsweek vs. Feminism
by Felicia Kornbluh

Women in Radio: Shut Up, Shut Out
by Toni L. Kamins

Is There Life After Advertising?
Ms. magazine’s publishing gamble
by Judy Southworth

Women Media Workers: No Room at the Top
by Judy Southworth