Extra! May 2014

    ‘Radioactive’ Putin Is ‘Stalin’s Spawn’

    With Official Enemies, too much is not enough

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the Crimean region of Ukraine meant that he was either “taking a page out of the Hitler playbook” or was “Stalin’s spawn.”

    SoundBites May 2014

    The Good Ol’ Vietnam War Days… Ronald Reagan, Peacenik… ‘We’ = You, Me & the Koch Brothers… The ‘Can I Have Some More?’ Loophole… Why Does Richard Cohen Hate Poor Kids?

    Letters to the Editor May 2014

    Fallujah: The Root of the Anger In the February issue of Extra!, there is a useful and comprehensive article (“Fallujah Slaughter Rewritten as Sacrifice”) about recent coverage of Fallujah and the U.S. military “heroes” of that slaughter. However, there is only a sentence about the demonstration that was a trigger for the city’s anger at the US, and no mention of the cause of the citizens’ protest. When the US military first entered the city in 2003, they appropriated a large school to be their headquarters. The parents and children protested, and this was the crowd into which US snipers …

    Kids of Color as Props in Charter School Drama

    Two white public figures square off in managed debate

    This microcosm of the national conversation over public education displayed media’s predictably narrow parameters of debate, between a corporate reformer and a moderate (but still charter-friendly) liberal.

    Flunking the Revised SATs

    The real story is how rich kids are gaming the system

    For much of the US media the SAT changes served mostly as an opportunity to beat the drum of “Is our children learning?”

    Whose Recovery Is It, Anyway?

    ‘The market’ is doing fine—but homebuyers are still hurting

    Like much of the reporting on the rest of the economy, coverage of housing is coverage of housing markets, rather than of the circumstances that all too many people still face.

    They’ll Be Watching You

    Mass surveillance uses new media to track every move you make

    Today’s digital and mobile technologies give us the tools to stay connected, but in exchange, the companies that own that infrastructure have made a business of manipulating the data we are creating.

    Media Still Fawn Over Paul Ryan’s ‘Big Ideas’

    But proposals to put people back to work are met with yawns

    Perhaps media aren’t driven to challenge Ryan’s bona fides as a “big-ideas guy” because they share those big ideas.

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