Extra! November 2013

    When Life Gives You Lemons…

    Don Lemon’s message to black America

    This is far from the first time corporate media legitimized the indictment of black culture for issues like black unemployment and community violence.

    The Rise of Establishment Reporting

    How a crisis in journalism led to the cult of balance

    To fend off a serious threat to their survival, major newspaper owners promoted a new sense of journalism, one that still dominates the news industry today.

    COUNTERSPIN INTERVIEW: ‘The People Who Saw Their Dreams Exploding Are Blamed for This Crisis’

    Laura Gottesdiener on Foreclosures

    CounterSpin’s Janine Jackson talked to Laura Gottesdiener, author of A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home, a new book that brings the foreclosure crisis into vivid focus.

    When the World’s Richest Billionaire Owns Your Paper

    The New York Times covers Carlos Slim—carefully

    The New York Times covers Carlos Slim—carefullyCarlos Slim is the world’s richest person. His father, Julién Slim Haddad, immigrated to Mexico from Lebanon as a teenager, and by the time Carlos was born, the family was well-off, having acquired a number of businesses and real estate in Mexico City. Slim took his father’s financial lessons to heart, starting a stock brokerage that slowly grew to a corporate empire. Today he owns, among other things, América Móvil, Latin America’s largest wireless services provider. In 2007, the estimated value of the companies he ran was a whopping $150 billion. In that year, …

    No Class Warfare, Please—We’re Americans

    What we talk about when we talk about inequality

    In focusing solely on whether some poor Americans can swap places with those in the middle or upper classes, media coverage skirted the larger issue: the growing distance between top and bottom earners.

    The Illusion of Debate Over Striking Syria

    Despite antiwar public—and put-downs of Obama—media back war as usual

    There was little support for war on Syria—except on US broadcast news, where most of the debates and discussions still tilted in favor of a military attack.

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