Extra! Special Issue on Labor, Summer 1990

    Lost in the Margins

    The lives of 100 million working people—those who make the US economy and society run—are being routinely ignored, marginalized or inaccurately portrayed in the media.

Articles in the print edition

Lost in the Margins
Labor and the Media
by Jonathan Tasini

8 Media Stereotypes About Unions
by Jonathan Tasini

In Their Own Words: Veteran Labor Reporters Talk About Labor Coverage
by Jonathan Tasini

The Labor Press: Glasnost Needed
by Jonathan Tasini

The Great Labor Stories the Media are Missing
by Jonathan Tasini

Media Owners as Union-Busters
by Norman Solomon and Martin A. Lee

No Place for Labor on PBS?

“Public” TV’s Elite Market
by Doug Henwood

A Call to Media Activism: Interview with FAIR’s Jeff Cohen

The Media Love Labor… When They’re Fighting Environmentalists
by Tiffany Devitt

Labor in Nicaragua
A Tale of Two Standards
by Mark Cook