Extra! Update April 1997

    If Censorship Is Good Enough for NPR…

    Mumia Abu-Jamal Silenced Once More

    Pennsylvania has abused the First Amendment in its efforts to keep journalists, particularly electronic journalists, away from Mumia Abu-Jamal.

    A Conspiracy of Dunces

    Right-Wing Distortion Goes Mainstream

    Right-Wing Distortion Goes MainstreamIt was a shocking story: The White House, driven to paranoia by unfriendly press coverage, was claiming to be the victim of a “conspiracy,” a “cabal of right-wing extremists” bent on Bill and Hillary’s destruction. It was straight out of The Caine Mutiny; one half-expected Mike McCurry to issue a statement accusing Bill Kristol of eating Air Force One’s strawberries. The only problem with the story was that it wasn’t true. The White House hadn’t accused anyone of being part of a conspiracy. In fact, the stories about White House paranoia were a perfect illustration of what …