Extra! Update June 2000

    PSYOPS in the Newsroom

    Extra! Update June 2000

    Extra! Update June 2000CNN got nervous when reports in European publications (Amsterdam’s Trouw, 2/21/00, 2/25/00; Intelligence Newsletter, 2/17/00) revealed that PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) spe­cialists from the U.S. Army had worked as interns at the cable network’s Atlanta news headquarters. The program was ter­minated after its existence was revealed in Trouw, and network president Eason Jordan appeared on Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now! (3/24/00) to play down its significance. But it was only after hun­dreds of media activists, responding to a March 27 FAIR action alert, wrote to CNN asking for an explanation that the media giant issued a formal statement acknowledging …

    The Elian Saga

    An Oral History

    An Oral HistoryThe Perfect Solution Cokie Roberts: I have finally decided exactly what I want to have happen with Elián González. I would like him and his cousin, Marisleysis, to come live with me and get away from all of these crazy politicians on both sides. She is clearly the person who cares about him…. Sam Donaldson: What about that little thing called “the law”? Cokie Roberts: The immigration laws are bent every single day of the week in this country. (ABC‘s This Week, 4/2/00) Castro: A Personal View “Well, I don’t care if the guy ends up like Mussolini, …